Finding the Perfect Location

So you’ve decided that you want some updated family photos; now what? One of the hardest decisions people often face is deciding where to have their pictures taken (the second being what they’re going to wear). Here’s a few tips to remember when trying to choose the perfect spot:

What “Look” Do You Want To Create?

  • Indoors (portrait studio, your home, a museum, etc.) or Outdoors? (in the sunshine!)
  • Serious or Fun?
  • Funky (buildings, architecture, train tracks, structures)
  • Natural (nature, fields, flowers, trees, water, etc.)

Choose A Place That Is Meaningful To You

  • For engagement photos, choose a place that has memories for you as a couple. Do you enjoy hitting the batting cages together? What a great spot to snap a few pictures together! Some friends of mine in California grew up in the same town and ended up getting married. They always looked forward to the fair coming to town, so they opted to do their photos there. Check out their photographer’s images here. One fun engagement shoot I did before involved two pilots. What better way to show their mutual love of airplanes than to incorporate them into their photos?
  • For family photos, choose a place that you enjoy as a family. I know one family that wanted to do their photos at the grocery store because they enjoyed grocery shopping as a family. Be creative! Just because you haven’t seen it done before doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.
  • For senior photos, choose a location that shows your personality! Are you in the band? Then why not take a few photos in the bleachers at your school or on the football field? My brother is an awesome debater and plans on going to law school, so what better place for him to have his senior pictures taken last year than in a court room?

Take A Drive

  • You never know what you’ll find when you’re looking for it, so take a drive around your area and think in terms of backgrounds. You never know when you may find a hidden gem!
  • Don’t tresspass! Make sure you’re aware of local trespassing laws before you decide to go onto someone’s property!

Use a Popular Place

  • Chances are, you might know a few places that are usually overrun with photographers. Don’t count these places out just because they’re so overdone.
  • Find a different angle that others don’t seem to be doing. Think outside the box. Walk a little further down a path, or around a corner. You never know what you might find that others have missed. This location in League City, TX  is a popular spot with the photographers as well. However, I chose to use a side path which gave a totally different look to the location that was different from what people usually focus on there.
  • There’s a popular place in Missouri City, TX  that I’ve used before a few times that is always busy with photographers. So what did I do? I looked around and found new spots that others weren’t using (or hadn’t thought about using). For instance, this spot was taken in front of the bathrooms.

Whatever location you choose, make sure that you are the main event in the photo. Don’t let the location take away from the real focus of the photo – you! So get out there and look around. You never know what you’ll find!


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