Galveston Wedding: Alicia & Tomek

Can I just say that I love weddings? Seriously. I think I’ve seen the movie “The Wedding Planner” at least a hundred times. I even had that song “Plan On Forever” from the movie sung at my own wedding! So when Alicia asked me to photograph her wedding, I was ecstatic! I’ve second shot many weddings for other photographers before, but this would be my very first on my own. And what a special wedding it was!

Let me set the scene – Alicia and Tomek met at UT and now live in Georgia. However, Alicia grew up in the area so they decided to have it here. Tomek is from Poland, so there were lots of cool accents to be heard. The guest attendance was an intimate 50 people. The ceremony was on the beach in Beachtown, and then everyone went into a gorgeous beach house for the reception (or “after party” as it may have been called).

At the reception, everywhere you looked there were handmade touches. This bride was on it! She made the cupcakes, the table arrangements, and even the bouquets!

A big thank you to Kelly for second shooting for me. She’ll be posting her photos here.


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