Bridal Emergency Kit: The Checklist

You’re getting ready to walk down the aisle, and then your Mom screams – a thread has unraveled itself on the train of your dress! What’s a girl to do?

One of the best gifts I got for my own wedding was a bridal emergency kit. One of my mom’s friends had packed a cute bag full of odds and ends that could have been needed, if the occassion had arisen.

Here’s a checklist of a few things you might want to include in your wedding day emergency kit:

* brush * mirror * hairspray * safety pins *

* bobby pins * mending kit * super glue * scissors *

* static remover (or dryer sheets) * pain reliever * stain removal pen *

* crackers/trail mix * tissues * lint roller * cotton balls *

* cotton swabs * hand sanitizer * razor * bottle of water *

* feminine items * breath freshener * tooth brush * tooth paste * floss *

* nail polish remover * chapstick * extra underwear * tweezers *

* extra earring backs * bandaids (skin-colored) * lotion *

* deodorant * lotion * white chalk (for quick stain disguise) *

There are so many more things that a person might need, but this is a good overall list for most brides. It’s always a better idea to be over prepared than underprepared.

emergency kit


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