Who Inspires Me?

As a photographer, you are inspired by many things – be it God’s creation in a beautiful mountain range or by a 5 year old little girl that just wants to twirl in her new dress. There are also other photographers that I admire. The list of people below put out some beautiful images. I only know the people on this list through the work that I’ve seen from them, but through their work I feel like I know them. These people are inspiring and keep me moving forward and pushing through my own boundaries. Check ’em out!

For her work with seniors, Spanki Mills is awesome! She is so super relaxed and she is one of those people I feel like I just want to hang out and go shopping with. But then again, I guess you have to be kinda cool to be great at working with high school seniors!

I’m not really into shooting newborn photos myself, but I really adore Rachel Vanoven’s work. It takes a very special (and extremely patient) person to photograph newborns, and she does it so effortlessly.

Before I even started taking photos professionally, I loved taking landscape photos. There is no one better at capturing the beautiful sights of the earth than Charlie Waite.

Macro photography has always been another love of mine, and I don’t really follow one person specifically, but there are a lot of great examples out there that keep me pushing forward in my own work.

Lastly, for weddings, Susan Stripling is awesome-sauce. She has a way of looking at weddings in such a creative and wonderful way and I aspire to have 1/10th the “eye” that she has. I’m hoping she will do a workshop one day and I. WILL. GO.


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