Europe Trip: Paris

From seeing the Eiffel Tower to experiencing a home country win (France was playing Nigeria in the World Cup while we were there), it was a place full of pride and history. Paris was nothing short of gorgeous!


After the train ride in from London, we were ready to see the sights that Paris had to offer!


Notre Dame Cathedral


Breath-taking, isn’t it?


Way before it was featured on the Bachelorette tv show, I have wanted to see the lock bridge. And now I have 🙂


Arc de Triumphe


Even Parisian shopping malls are fancy! Here is the ceiling at the Galeries Lafayette.


Best view in Paris – and it’s from the rooftop of the mall.


All of the food in Paris was absolutely amazing!


It rained the entire time we were in Paris – but I didn’t care – it gave me an excuse to use a prop 🙂


This stuff smells awesome! We took a tour of the Fragonard Perfume Museum.


The Louvre was SO incredibly overwhelming! We didn’t have near enough time to see everything, but what I did see was stunning!


I could not get enough of the ceilings in this place!


I just had to see the Mona Lisa. And so did everyone else…


There she is!


I was in macaron heaven!


Besides macarons, we had to get some authentic crepes while we were at it. The one on the bottom is mine – it was a salted caramel crème and praline. OMG was it good.

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