Houston Photographer

Stacy never knew she wanted to be a wedding photographer.

Growing up in Houston, TX, when a wedding invitation would come in the mail, her heart would flutter and her mind would start racing at the thought of all the wedding festivities – the dancing, the colors, and the dress, oh…the dress. As she got older, she began taking her camera to weddings and photographing everything! From the bride coming down the aisle to the place cards, Stacy captured it all on her old-school, wind-up camera.

But weddings were never the focus – relationships were. Which is why she went to college and got her Master’s degree in Family Therapy. She wanted to be able to help people with their relationships. She liked seeing people explore new possibilities and live healthier lives.

Fast forward and Stacy is photographing weddings and engagements and loving it. Stacy doesn’t take photographs of events, she takes photographs of important life moments. Her favorite photos are those showing emotion and passion.
Stacy lives in Houston with her wonderful husband, adorable son, and 2 couch-loving dogs.


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